Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flip/Flop February: Day 28

Hi there! Can you believe it's been an entire month of manis already?! That time flew by! The last challenge for Flip/Flop February was to recreate a previous look. Because I kinda cheated on my outline nails by using nail decals for the base, I decided to redo that look.

I put down a base color (that same weird gold/silver as the decals!), stamped on a ring pattern after I realized my Bundle Monster plates didn't have a fishnet design, quickly painted the outline, then topped the look off with top coat. When I recreated this look I did it as a temp design, so I opted to use cheap topcoat. You can see the disastrous results on my ring finger there... the topcoat pulled the design and made it bubble a bit. Ick!!!

Anywhos, it was super fun to partake in this challenge! I'll definitely be doing more in the future... although I'm not sure about a month long. Maybe some weekly challenges next... we'll see! :)

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