Friday, May 30, 2014

Futuristic Gaps Featuring Ulta Purplexed

Do you ever see someone's nail art and just go "Oh man... I have to recreate this!" I did that with a look from Lucy's Stash... I fell in love and knew I needed to do it. ... cue multiple failed attempts at creating the look, frustration over using acrylic paints and having a poorly sized brush...

Taken in natural light.

This is what you end up with! :D I still like this look... the contrasting gaps with the depth of Purplexed is a really cool thing... it definitely reminds me of something very sci-fi and futuristic. 

Polishes Used
White Acrylic paint
Ulta Purplexed

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chaotic Goddess Swaps: The Favorite Color Swap Reveal

It's time for the reveal of my Chaotic Goddess Swaps The Favorite Color swap!

My swapping partner was Victoria from My Thoughts for Thoughts, whose favorite color is purple! Go check out her blog for book reviews, cute crafts, and all sort of subscription box goodness. You can see what I sent her here.

Victoria sent me items in my favorite color-- orange! Obviously, because this is mostly a nail blog, she sent me a copy of Catherine Rodger's DIY Nail Art, which features really cute and easy nail art designs. She also sent along a glitter cardstock set, which is AWESOME! I love paper crafts and card-making so paper is definitely my thing (and who doesn't love glitter?).

The baking cups came in this vibrant, bright orange striped pattern. These are the best... I'm always needing baking cups since I make muffins so much! I love to bake and I have a feeling these will be used up quickly!

The final part of my swap was two quarters of fabric with orange prints. These came from an Etsy shop, but I somehow managed to throw out the package before I got the seller's name. Oopsies... I love the crazy stripes on the left and the retro pattern on the right. These will definitely be used for something fun!

This was such a fun experience... I loved picking out items for my buddy and waiting impatiently for my items. I can't wait to see what swaps come up in the future!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Giveaway Win: Super Black Lacquer Holos!

Hey there! I have finally gotten around to clearing out my picture stash... so here's a giveaway win all the way back from November! I won a three pack of Super Black Lacquer from Life of a Mad Typer, promptly took pictures, then never got around to posting this. Oopsies! 

Taken in sunlight!

Here we have some amazing holos that really shimmer in the sun... the pretty purply color is Heather, the gorgeous cranberry is Spanked, and the burnt gold is Guilty. I had never heard of Super Black Lacquer but I love their packaging and bottle shape, and was surprised to hear that they're located down in Columbus. Very cool!

Polishes Used
Super Black Lacquer Heather
Super Black Lacquer Spanked
Super Black Lacquer Guilty

Monday, May 05, 2014

Star Dots Featuring Zoya Dakota and Zoya Ziv

Hey there! This is an older look that I did a couple of months ago when we were still in the dredges of winter, so I figured I'd share now before we get too far into spring!

Picture taken inside under normal lights.

This was an interesting look I came up with, dealing with black and black-and-gold dots over Zoya's Dakota. I needed a red creme and bought Dakota... and I have yet to be disappointed! I then added on some black plastic rhinestone stars and dots to make this a bit more fun. Woo! 

Polishes Used
Sinful Colors Black on Black
Zoya Ziv
Zoya Dakota

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Cloudy Fingers?

Hi there! I've wanted to do a cloud mani for a while, so here's my attempt! I definitely learned a few things with this...

Taken in indirect natural light.

1. LET THE POLISH DRY - My tips were gooey for a while. I should have let them dry more between coats.
2. Don't use a frosty polish... it shows bumps too easily.
3. Make sure that the brushes are actually shaped for this. The Sally Hansen brush was too flat for doing this easily.

Polishes Used
Broadway Nails O!Jessica 
Sally Hansen Plum Power
Zoya Neve