Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Favorite Color Swap: Reveal Post

Alrighty! My swap package arrived from my swap partner, the lovely Brandi over at Lipstick & Tractors! If you remember, this was part of Chaotic Goddess Swap's Favorite Color Swap. 

I chose orange as my favorite color (because it is!) and Brandi was tasked with putting together a package for me full of orange goodies.

Look at the orangey goodness!

Here's what I received:

  • A bright orange paint pen
  • An orange Sharpie
  • Scotch Expressions masking tape (in orange, obviously!)
  • A pack of neon post-its
  • Adorable mini clothespins with glitter
  • A cool book of journaling cards, which I can use for card making & scrap booking
  • A yellowy-orange candle (that we may have already burned) that smells like Tahitian coconut!
I'm definitely going to use most of these for craft-related purposes. The paint pen already has plans as part of the decor for our informal wedding "reception" happening next month! A big thanks to Brandi and, as always, Chaotic Goddess Swaps, for a fun swaportunity!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Orange Surfboards

I was ready for summer last week... despite the fact that it was really rather chilly around here! I needed to brighten it up with some orange and yellow, so I went with some simple stripes. I was told a lot that these reminded people of surfboards... very wishful thinking for the shores of Lake Erie. 

Taken in natural light via cell phone.

Sometimes the simplest designs get the most compliments! Something that took me less than 10 minutes to do makes the biggest impact. :P Even my dad & husband commented and said they liked these, which is something neither of them usually pay attention to. Crazy stuff, the power of coordinating & bold colors!

Polishes Used
CoverGirl #245 Go-Go Mango
CoverGirrl #240 Coral Silk
Zoya Creamy