Monday, December 08, 2014

Surprise! My Wedding Nails!

Yeah... so remember like a month and a half ago a bit ago when I mentioned I had one more Halloween manicure left to share and also had a big surprise? Well it's finally here!

Both taken in natural daylight.

I got married! YAY! This is the manicure I rocked for our Halloween wedding. I've got the something blue, ghosties to keep in the Halloween spirit, glitter, and romantic text... it's the perfect package! :D

I used the "make your own decals" method for this, which entails painting topcoat on a plastic baggie, tracing your design in polish (in this case, I did all the letters), cutting out the design, then adhering with topcoat. I added the hearts and ghosties using my dotting tools then added small smiles with a detail brush.

The wedding itself was performed at the local courthouse with just our families present. Sean & I have been dating since high school (7 years!), so it was just a matter of time before we actually got married. :P And we did it! The craziest part is that the next day we moved out into our own apartment, which explains the delay in posting. We've only just got officially settled into our routine and I finally found the motivation to post. Woohoo! So it'll be back to nails for a bit... up next is Thanksgiving!

Polishes Used 
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Salon Perfect Baby Blues
Daring Digits Holyfire