Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chaotic Goddess Swaps: The Favorite Color Swap Reveal

It's time for the reveal of my Chaotic Goddess Swaps The Favorite Color swap!

My swapping partner was Victoria from My Thoughts for Thoughts, whose favorite color is purple! Go check out her blog for book reviews, cute crafts, and all sort of subscription box goodness. You can see what I sent her here.

Victoria sent me items in my favorite color-- orange! Obviously, because this is mostly a nail blog, she sent me a copy of Catherine Rodger's DIY Nail Art, which features really cute and easy nail art designs. She also sent along a glitter cardstock set, which is AWESOME! I love paper crafts and card-making so paper is definitely my thing (and who doesn't love glitter?).

The baking cups came in this vibrant, bright orange striped pattern. These are the best... I'm always needing baking cups since I make muffins so much! I love to bake and I have a feeling these will be used up quickly!

The final part of my swap was two quarters of fabric with orange prints. These came from an Etsy shop, but I somehow managed to throw out the package before I got the seller's name. Oopsies... I love the crazy stripes on the left and the retro pattern on the right. These will definitely be used for something fun!

This was such a fun experience... I loved picking out items for my buddy and waiting impatiently for my items. I can't wait to see what swaps come up in the future!


  1. Personally, those fabrics look like an apron and a bag, to me. ;)
    How great that she found you really "you" stuff, in orange (which can be such a difficult color to find). Yay!

  2. Ooo... an apron would be adorable!


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