Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Flip/Flop February: Day 12

Hello there! Today is day 12 of Flip/Flop February which means that my choices were between drips and matte. I did drips one year for Halloween (the standard black and red blood drips!), and I felt as though I was not taking advantage of my recently purchased mattifying top coat, so I went with matte!

These are special matte nails; I started off with white as my base color, then did a layer of my matte top coat. I then took my Prismacolor colored pencils and sketched on some designs. Another coat of matte top coat to seal in the pencil and there you have it! Fun, matte doodle nails!

Colors Used:
Wet n' Wild French White Creme
Warpaint Mattify
Various Prismacolor Pencils

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