Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flip/Flop February: Day 13

Water color or sponging? That was today's decision! I'm not a huge fan of sponged looks so I went with watercolor. Lucky for me, Mom happened to pick up a bottle of acetone a bit ago so I was able to create this look quite easily. (Ignore the tip wear and dry skin... I took this after washing dishes!)

I chose a combination of greens and blues, with a little purple thrown in (it ended up looking blue anyways!). I then made the unfortunate decision of adding in a silver foil polish. Eh. It looked WAY better before I did that. Oops! 

Colors Used:
Blackheart Bright Night
Zoya Natty
Piggy Polish Ivy Leaf in Santa Claus
Funky Fingers Green (no bottle information)
Funky Fingers Riot
OPI Your Royal Shineness

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