Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flip/Flop February: Day 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Today's FFF choice was between French tips or Valentine's nails. I kinda did a combination of both... but if I had to categorize them, I'd pick Valentine's nails. Please, please ignore the shitty pictures. One was taken with an iPod and another was taken with my webcam. I loaned my camera to my parents for their trip to Florida and they don't get back until tonight. Anywhos... to the pictures!

The second picture has the accurate color for this manicure. I began with a shimmery nude color and a top coat of duochrome gold/purple flakies.  Then I did a basic silver tip with a bit of glitter over the top, then pink dots covered with purple dots, then purple hearts on my ring/pointer fingers. I finally finished the hearts with some spectraflair topcoat. I'm not sure I like them... but they'll do for now! ^_^;

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors Cotton Candy
Funky Fingers Riot
Funky Fingers Kiss the Girl
Hit Polish Cheshire Cat
Starlight Polish Starlight

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