Monday, February 04, 2013

Flip/Flop February: Day 4

Alright! Today's post features some new nails- my toes! Haha... because I didn't have enough days to work through all the challenges on my fingers. xD Anywhos, this is my first new manicure (er... pedicure) for this challenge. The choices were between ombre and one stroke: I went with ombre.

Look at all that similar-colored goodness! I figured that I'd be doing blues or greens when I first knew that I'd be needing 5 colors. But I wanted to use all cremes so yellow/orange it was! 

Colors Used Include:
Covergirl #245
Covergirl #240
Zoya Jancyn
Funky Fingers Like Clockwork
Ruby Wing Wildflower

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