Friday, February 15, 2013

Flip/Flop February: Day 15

Hello! Today's choice for Flip/Flop February was between stamping or jelly sandwich. I've done a lot of stamping... but I've never done a jelly sandwich before! So I pulled out my one (just one!) jelly polish and gave this look a try. Apologies for the out of focus picture... it's the only one I took that showed the depth of my sandwich.

I'm not sure that I like this look. I feel like I should've done a layer of jelly, then glitter, then jelly, then glitter, then jelly. Instead I did jelly, jelly, jelly, glitter, jelly. Oh well... live and learn!

Colors Used: 
Colorama Espuma
Ooh La Lacquer Pink Wednesday
I used something else  but I can't remember what! >o<

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