Wednesday, October 09, 2013

NOTD: Blue Mix-n-Match Featuring Zoya Polishes

Hello there!

Today I've got a quick look for you that I freehanded using some of the blue shades I have. I didn't realize it, but I actually have a lot of Blue Zoya polishes (which is strange, since I only have about 8 of their polishes!). In addition to the three below, I also have Zoya Natty, which I used as a base in this swatch post.

Taken in natural, overcast light.

I kinda mixed glitters and matte in this mani, and went with a silver & blue scheme. I heard that a lot of others were having staining issues with Liberty, so I was super careful to layer it over other polishes. This was my first experience with textured polish and I'm kinda "eh" about it.

Polishes Used
Thumb- 2 coats Zoya Twila over Color Club Chelsea Girl + topcoat
Pointer- Chelsea Girl over Zoya Phoebe with silver glittter accent of Color Club Fine Silver
Middle- Zoya Liberty over Phoebe with Fine Silver accent
Ring- Liberty on the very tip over Twila over Chelsea Girl + topcoat
Pinky- Liberty over Chelsea Girl, just to prevent staining + topcoat

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