Friday, June 21, 2013

It's that time of the year- NEONS!

Happy first day of summer everyone!

I've got a special set of swatches today... these are (80% at least) colors I won from Possibly Polished's giveaway! I won a set of Color Club minis from the Poptastic collection as well as green apple ChapStick and some great product samples. I seriously love the nail blogger community... there's always a giveaway somewhere that you might win! Anywhos- on to the polish!

Ugh. I clearly forgot to moisturize before snapping this pic. Ick. Before I go and label each of these shades, I would like to note that I can't find the polish names that were included in the 4-pack of polish. The bottles are unlabeled and from what I can tell, the packages contained a random sampling of 4 shades. That being said, I've made my best guess based off of other swatches floating around the internet. From pink to blue, we have:

Color Club Jackie Oh!
Color Club Koo Koo Cachoo
Funky Fingers Highlighter
Color Club Feelin' Groovy
Color Club Chelsea Girl

These were swatched without a white base and, with the exception of Highlighter, took about 3 coats to even out (Highlighter took at least 6!). Like most neons they were streaky for the first 2 coats and dried to that strange almost-matte-but-not-quite finish. Picture is with topcoat in the sun.

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