Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Copy Cat: Jelly Pumpkins

Hey there! Today I've got a late-ish Thanksgiving design to share. This is my rendition of Adventures in Acetone's Pond Pumpkin nail art. I saw this and instantly went "OMG! I have the polish to recreate this! And how adorable!" So I gave it a try for Thanksgiving and this is what I ended up with.

Picture taken in my bathroom under yellow-ish lights.

This is 5 coats of OPI and 4 different "layers" of white pumpkins. It turned out super cute and had more depth than my crappy picture shows. The only bad thing about this mani cure was the polish removal... stain city! :(

Yuck! And this was after I did a baking soda soak to get the major staining off... yikes! Also, I definitely picked this polish off since it was so easy to peel (as a jelly). BAD! You can totally see the white marks on my nails from the damage... bad bad bad...

Polishes Used
OPI Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
It's So Easy Stripe Rite White

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