Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Seasonal Color Changing with Del Sol's Trick-or-Treat

Hi there! Today I've got an exciting polish to show you all- Del Sol's Trick or Treat. If you've never heard of Del Sol, it's because they're not really in the nail polish business. They manufacture all sorts of products that are activated by the sun and change colors, including polish! Unfortunately, I think that Trick or Treat is discontinued... but it's still available through other web merchants.

Both pictures taken in direct sunlight.

Here I've got on two coats of Del Sol over a quick coat of Scare-o-Lantern. You can see that without sun exposure this is a super sparkly and pretty orange. Once the sun has been hitting your nails for a few minutes (or seconds, even, depending on the sun's intensity), the color morphs into a deep purply black. I didn't really need the undies for this, but I was in a rush so I slapped some on to avoid having to put on three coats of Trick or Treat. You can totally see some sheet marks (I know! So bad!) because I went to bed right after this. Oopsies! ^_^;

Polishes Used
Del Sol Trick or Treat
Sweet Heart Polish Scare-o-Lantern

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