Friday, May 17, 2013

NOTD: My First Attempt at Sugar-Spun

... and I'm not sure I like the technique. :/

What I learned while attempting this:
  • Getting nail polish to dry quickly when you actually want it to is impossible.
  • Once goopy enough, the polish then dries WAY too quickly.
  • Some polishes don't work for this technique... I wanted to do a nice purple and green, but my purple just wouldn't "spin."
  • It's impossible to get nice, thin strands.
  • It was hard to get strands to cover the entire nail instead of just half of it.
Anywhos... here's what I ended up with!

Colors Used:
Fresh Paint High Voltage
Funky Fingers Green (no polish label!)
Hot Topic Holographic Star Polish (no polish label!)

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  1. pretty!

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